Process Safety Management: Ensuring Maintenance & Mechanical Integrity

Good practice in safety and sustained investment in developing the skills of the workforce always make the best business sense. These are even more crucial when business decisions are difficult. This, in some respect, is why Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. has instituted a robust, measures-based AIPSM program.

It is our hope to enable each and every one of our clients to aspire to, and become, a global leader in safety performance.

Why Choose Nexus Global for Process Safety Management Consulting

At Nexus Global, our goal remains to make each organization implementing the Nexus strategy for Process Safety Management the safest place to work worldwide and a recognizable, global center of excellence in workforce training and development.

Each industry and its organizations will continue to invest directly in safety, asset integrity, skills, and training throughout the economic life cycle. Nexus Global’s commitment is to support Step Change in Safety, Asset Technical Integrity, and overall corporate accountability. As AIPSM continues to be our clients’ top priority, we ensure this is our top priority. We can and will do nothing less.

As a leader in Asset Performance Management, we place a strong emphasis on Process Safety Management activities both internally and on behalf of our clients.

Nexus has access to hundreds of industry experts, engineers and professionals. Our experience benefits our clients as they strive to implement AI-PSM in their organizations. Our team provides a variety of integrated AI-PSM solutions, including Process Hazards Analysis, development of operating procedures, training, safety reviews, change management, incident investigation, compliance audits, and emergency planning and response.

Nexus can complement your AI-PSM program whether it is developed under regulatory guidelines, industry standards, or your own volition. In addition to examining and reporting on AI-PSM requirements, we can make recommendations to improve your program.

AI-PSM Program Designed to Industry Standards

AI-PSM can be an effective tool for increasing not only the safety of an operation, but its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality as well.

While it is an Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requirement for only a limited number of facilities, AI-PSM is increasingly becoming the standard to which the industry is held. AI-PSM is an instrument for developing, implementing and maintaining a safe and efficient process.

In accordance with OSHA’s Process Safety Management standard (29 CFR 1910.119) and the EPA’s Risk Management Program Regulation Title 40 Part 68, Nexus takes great pride in implementing world class programs aligned to industry regulations.

When Nexus undertakes an AI-PSM program with a client, we typically follow a rigorous model of Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) combined with our ten key implantation elements:

  1. Conduct an analysis with our AIPS-R instrument (Data & KPI Collection)
  2. Develop a Management Control Reporting System (MCRS)
  3. Define the system, processes, production and corrosion programs
  4. Development of documentation/process standards
  5. Design and agree a verification program/process
  6. Identification of Safety Critical Equipment and processes (RBI, Safety Case, Bow-Tie, HazId)
  7. Define maintenance, testing, monitoring, inspections, and operations involvement
  8. Risk management assured through QA/QC (development of performance standards, assurance standards and maintenance strategies)
  9. Integration of process standards with tools and reporting
  10. Training/coaching

Contact Our Asset Integrity Experts

To learn more about implementing an AI-PSM program at your organization to improve maintenance and mechanical integrity, please contact a business consultant at a Nexus Global Business Solutions office near you. We have various locations across the globe in the U.S., South America, Canada, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.