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Coaching, training, and consulting are common practices within the business solutions field, but are somewhat misunderstood in respect to their differences.

Understanding the Concept of Coaching vs. Consulting & Training

What is Consulting?

By definition, consulting refers to the act of providing recommendations, strategies, or solutions based on the consultant’s expert perspective. Unlike coaches, consultants are expected to tell the client what to do, and often deal with an immediate need or problem for which they have a high level of business experience.

What is Training?

Training focuses on informing or delivering a prescribed syllabus to meet a training or course objective.

What is Coaching?

In short, coaching refers to the act and art of helping someone discover their own untapped potential for growth and success. Effective business coaches are also considered to be great facilitators who ask probing and effective questions that engage the client to partner with the coach in exploring the power behind the client’s own knowledge, intuition, and capabilities.

Performance Coaching for Professional Development at Nexus Global

At Nexus Global Business Solutions, we have mastered the art of coaching and are able to clearly differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. Through the design of our adult learning methodology, we have developed a coaching process and framework for the self-initiated, as well as a welcomed accountability toward one’s own professional and/or personal development.

Nexus Global performance coaches will work one-on-one with a client over time to assess professional development goals and needs, and provide consistent support as the client discovers and applies new strategies for success.

The coach will probe, listen, evaluate the situation, clarify the goal or problem, and advise the client on how to fix something or reach a goal. If equipped, they may also deliver training or consulting if the need arises.

What to Expect From Our Performance Coaching Service

Nexus Global Performance coaches assess the gaps within your company, then assist in matching up the company’s requirements and incentives with the individual’s personal desires, professional skills, and thought processes, hence leading to tangible and sustainable improvements.

Nexus Global will:

  • Assist in development of a clear coaching, implementation, and transition plan leading to sustained results
  • Interact with individuals to improve motivation and fundamental thought processes that deliver the desired results
  • Develop personnel assessments that support implementation plans to achieve both the individual’s and company’s goals and objectives
  • Develop a model that provides a repeatable and sustainable internal coaching and mentoring program 
  • Ensure coaches keep the client’s values in high regard and always support the company’s vision and objectives while on site

Internal Coaching Support

Through proper training, coaching, and mentoring, the client becomes self-reliant over time and the relationship does not become one of dependency.

Nexus Global will develop and support an internal coach’s development by:

  • Developing achievable metrics and results that support individual, departmental, and company goals
  • Encouraging clients to continually improve competencies
  • Providing the necessary transfer of skills to enable the individual to become the internal expert, as well as the ability to develop new coaches moving forward
  • Inspiring coaches to strategically project “the big picture” to others during the coaching process
  • Providing assistance in tactical training, coaching and one-on-one mentoring to close the skills gaps of the employees (and process, as needed)

Return on Your Investment

Below are the results of past studies related to improvements made with the use of coaching support from Nexus Global Business Solutions:

Manchester Study

Delivered an average ROI of 5.7 times the initial investment
Productivity improvements reported by 53% of those surveyed
Overall quality improvements of 48%
Customer service levels improved by 39%
Employee retention increased by 32%
Direct reports and supervisor relationships improved by greater than 70%
Surveys indicate that job satisfaction increased by 52%

Association of Coaches, Merrill C. Anderson, Ph.D.

Three-quarters (77%) of the 30 respondents indicated that coaching had significant or very significant impact on at least one of nine business measures
Overall, productivity (60% favorable) and employee satisfaction (53%) were cited as most significantly impacted by the coaching.
The next most frequently cited as being significantly impacted by coaching were work output (30%) and work quality (40%)

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Nexus Global Business Solutions looks forward to assisting your organization with our range of performance coaching solutions available to clients in the U.S., Canada, Middle East, Asia, and across the globe. Contact us today to learn more about business coaching.

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