Asset Performance & Business Consulting Services

Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. has developed a proprietary Model and Assessment that allows for world-class achievements in Business Excellence called BEAM. Through the use of our industry experts, we have designed consulting principles based on each industry’s specific requirements.

Our Consulting Solutions

Below are the consulting solutions we provide:

Reliability Consulting

Our reliability and maintenance solutions for industrial markets help private enterprises gain improved financial performance through greater capacity, lower total cost, improved quality, and an engaged workforce.

Change Management Consulting

Our Change Management consulting helps organizations with culture change, process change, software implementation, and reorganization.

Asset Management Services

Our asset management services help our customers jump-start their asset performance management programs.

Applied Information Technology

Our applied Information Technology solutions combine software development, systems engineering, quality assurance, cyber security, architecture, requirements, and configuration management.

Program Support

We deliver a full spectrum of program management capabilities, including staffing, project plan development, planning and estimating for shutdown, turnaround and projects.


Nexus Global is a life-long learning resource for people engaged in optimizing asset reliability and performance. We listen to our clients and develop training programs that meet their needs and requirements.

Nexus Global’s Asset Performance Consulting Process

Assessments begin the process to help Nexus Global understand the gaps in a client’s current processes and systems in order to develop a plan to implement improvements. We provide solutions to improve a client’s overall asset integrity, which impacts safety, efficiency, effectiveness and overall costs. This will be accomplished through implementation planning, establishing workflow processes and roles, and more.

Our assessments are configured toward Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Mining, Facilities and Fleet, to name a few. 

  • O&G-BEAM-A | Oil & Gas BEAM Assessment
  • MFG-BEAM-A | Manufacturing BEAM Assessment
  • MIN-BEAM-A | Mining BEAM Assessment
  • FAC-BEAM-A | Facilities BEAM Assessment
  • FLT-BEAM-A | Fleet BEAM Assessment

Step 1: Foundation

The core foundational elements of a company culture hoping to achieve Business Excellence are obtained by ensuring that business foundation principles have been identified and set in place. During the development of all elements within the foundation, the organization must keep in mind that this phase of the process will be the establishment of the organization’s guiding principles.

Step 2: People

Investment in people is an organization's number one most import asset. This intellectual asset is what drives the organization’s success and will be key to future success. Assurance of communications, knowledge, and continuous improvement of competency development is what will differentiate an organization within the marketplace.

Step 3: Process

A structure disciplined approach in process design, development and implementation is important to delivering results. Each business process can be measured and results achieved through every step within an organization's transformation towards World Class. An organization’s highest ROI is in setting robust, sustainable business process in place.

Step 4: Plant/Production

Knowing real time the condition and output of the plant is key to ensuring a business is meeting customer demand. Looking after the plant through workforce engagement and managing the business in a safe and autonomous manner will result in minimized unscheduled loses.

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