Business Solutions for the Educational Sector

Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. has observed a disturbing trend in our nation’s education systems, and several studies are reporting similar results. The American Association of School Administrators projects that schools may cut 275,000 education jobs in the next few years as our country’s education system attempts to reconcile unprecedented pressure to slash budgets.

This is an indicator that future education and similar budget-slashing trends will lead to a low quality education system. Unfortunately, most school systems only look at traditional funding and cost-cutting mechanisms and typically fail to optimize overall business practices.

At Nexus Global, we find solutions and non traditional mechanisms for business optimization, building internal capacity that achieves higher results in order to drive down internal costs without jeopardizing education.

Coaching, Training & Consulting for Schools, Universities & More

Nexus Global will work directly with district staff to apply lessons learned from industries that identify and implement sustainable savings WITHOUT negatively impacting teaching budgets.

The most important feature and benefit of our program is that it allows for ALL operations and maintenance (O&M) cost drivers while not imposing upon the numbers, salary, benefits or expectation of teachers. Nexus Global’s program focuses on identifying ways in which true needs can be matched more effectively and efficiently for the provision of goods and services. Each engagement and program is tailored to the size and complexity of your school and/or district, regardless of public, private, secondary or higher education.

Some areas in which we look into the details are:

  • Building & Grounds
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Grant Opportunities
  • IT
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

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We are proud to serve educational sectors from our locations in the U.S., South America, Canada, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.