Equipment Status Reporting (ESR): Risk Management & Assessment Software

ESR is a web-based application designed by Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. to visualize the potential risk to an operation as the preventive and corrective work orders age.

More importantly, it is used in asset-intensive organizations where criticality of equipment performance is key to operations and the overall management of Equipment Technical Integrity of a Facility. ESR achieves this by monitoring the status of open integrity-critical and non-critical work requests and work orders, and also has the ability to manage deviations related to integrity-critical criteria.

The core information can be extracted from any CMMS or EAM through queries, but is then difficult to assemble into an overall picture (e.g. determining the Safety Critical Element or SCE group of a work order needs a lookup from the asset register). ESR makes the task easy and real time to allow the information to be reported locally or at a corporate level.

Benefits of ESR

  • Real-time monitoring of all open and past due activities
  • Supports all companies AI-PSM programs and beyond
  • Assists in managing risk exposure to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP)
  • Ensures your local and national regulatory bodies the organization has controls in place
  • Proactive management tool in delivery of improved safety performance
  • Ability to be the organization’s deviation management tool with full risk assessment
  • Web-based and viewable by Country, Region, Facility, Field
  • Fully integrated with the email system so that important messages, such as Deviations expire or Approval required, are sent automatically to all who need this information
  • ESR can be integrated with Wells & Corrosion Management systems or other key business systems