Lean Manufacturing & Production Consulting

Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. is committed to helping clients obtain greater ROI through our range of professional consulting solutions, including Lean consulting.

What is Lean?

Also referred to as Lean manufacturing, Lean enterprise, or Lean production, Lean is a production practice that focuses on maximizing value for the customer through decreased cost and production time by minimizing or even eliminating waste. Lean principles derive from a management philosophy of the Japanese manufacturing industry, particularly from the Toyota Production System (TPS).

Lean is focused on eliminating seven waste types:

  1. Transportation
  2. Inventory
  3. Motion
  4. Waiting
  5. Over-Production
  6. Over-Processing
  7. Defects/Rework

Nexus Global Lean Approach

Nexus Global Business Solutions can assist clients in the implementation of Lean Transformations, Strategic Business Area Value Stream Mapping and Lean Facilitation for specific Improvement events, all built around a robust people development and change management model to ensure the highest probability of delivering a successful and sustainable change.

Three tiers of support are available:

Tier 1: Full Organizational Lean Implementation

Nexus Global can provide a complete package to implement a Lean Culture within your organization, using our expertise combined with a robust implementation structure based on a proven, disciplined approach to Lean manufacturing utilizing web-based Project Management software. The Project Management plan contains all the activities and associated detail required to fully implement a Lean Culture within your organization. Using a structured, four-phase Lean Kaizen Implementation Model, all plan activities have the relevant detail attached, including road-maps, guidance documents, development portfolios, templates, academy training, and simulation material, all of which are essential to the implementation.

This approach and associated material is fully accredited and will lead to the development of Lean Rapid Improvement Event Facilitators within your organization. In addition, your implementation plan will gain an internationally-recognized certificate with great rewards and benefits not only for the individual, but also for the organization.

Tier 2: Strategic Value Stream Mapping

Nexus Global can provide expert facilitation and experience to lead your teams in strategically Value Stream Mapping key areas of your business — this could be areas such as Maintenance, Logistics, Supply Chain, Finance & Planning, Human Resources or Operations.

This exercise and resulting Value Stream Map analysis allows for improvement opportunities to be prioritized and added to the area’s Continuous improvement Plan. Allowing feedstock of high value opportunities means your future improvement efforts have direction and can be planned in advance with clear, expected benefits.

Nexus Global can then assist the client as requested and on a case-by-case basis with expert facilitation supporting specific Rapid Improvement Events in line with the Continuous Improvement Plan.

Tier 3: Lean Kaizen Facilitation Support

Nexus Global can meet clients’ specific business improvement and Root Cause Analysis needs using the Lean Kaizen Rapid Improvement Methodology.

Nexus Global has the expertise to assist the client in setting projects up for success, ensuring the projects are correctly sponsored, chartered, planned and facilitated in an effective and efficient manner. This guarantees that benefits are realized for the organization in a very short time scale.

We can also assist the client with the close out of these events to ensure that benefits are sustained and that replication opportunities are realized across other areas of your organization.

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