Maximo: Enterprise Asset Management System from Nexus Global

IBM Tivoli Maximo, the world leader in EAM systems, is being utilized by the majority of Oil and Gas companies, government organizations, as well as utility and manufacturing facilities. They all share the same problem; Return On Investment (ROI). Deploying a solution is one thing —  ensuring that the client will maximize their ROI from this solution is another.

At Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc., we understand what it takes for a system, such as Maximo, to be aligned and incorporated into company strategy for many years to come as an organic, integral part of the organization. Realizing the management risk and commitment level required to implement an organization-wide EAM system is the driving force behind the quality we strive to provide our clients.

Nexus Global has the necessary, yet rare combination of knowledge, skills, vision and integrity to supply a turnkey solution using Maximo to realize and eliminate operational gaps. Anything needed to provide the right information to the right people at the right time is achievable through Maximo, and our team will not only provide the technical solution, but more importantly, all the training necessary for the desired operational changes leading to Operational Excellence. Contact us today to learn more.

Features of Maximo

Maximo can help bring order and safety to an organization. Keeping track of Inventory, Contracts, Procurement, Labor, Work Processes, as well as Health and Safety requirements, Maximo is a solution that can adapt to your organization while assisting in reaching your goals. Combine adaptability with industry-specific applications, such as Oil and Gas Prioritization, Incident Management, ISO Regulatory Compliance, and Action Tracking, and you have a system that can be tailored to any organizational need, current or future.