Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc.: Worldwide Leader in Organizational Management & Maintenance Consulting

Headquartered in Wake Forest, NC, USA, Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. (Nexus Global) takes pride in offering a unique brand of comprehensive business solutions throughout our Global Network. Nexus Global group (Nexus Alliance Ltd. and Nexus Consulting) has been delivering professional solutions since 1998.

With operating locations in North America, West Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and South America, we can assist clients with their everyday business management needs as well as major project support. Our various locations, in addition to our diversified subject matter expertise, have enabled us to support many industries, including Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Utilities, Mining, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceutical, and Education.

Partnering with Global Organizations to Provide Asset Performance Management

Nexus Global provides great value by partnering with organizations to maximize the knowledge and excellence of all involved resources. Nexus Global excels by offering quantifiable, benefits-driven solutions with our “Connecting Knowledge & Excellence” approach and in-depth expertise in Asset Performance Management.

Whether it is consulting, coaching, training (in-house or public), manpower resources, software, CMMS support, or Enterprise Asset Management, we specialize in optimizing business structures, processes, procedures, and management systems while guiding behavioral change in alignment with PAS 55, ANSI, API, and ISO standards. As a result, our clients receive a company-tailored solution that improves their performance, sustainability, and competitive advantage.

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