Capacent Iceland
Ármúli 13 Reykjavík, IS108 Iceland
+354 540-1000

Capacent is a leading advisory company based on a wide range of experience and knowledge of staff. We provide clients with advice, information and solutions that are effective.

Capacent in Iceland is part of Capacent Holding AB, Sweden, which was originally founded in 1983 and has been listed on the Nasdaq First North market in Stockholm since 2015. The company has offices in Iceland, Sweden and Finland, with 150 employees experts. Capacent has a strong position as a Nordic advisory company and is leading as such in many areas.

Capacent's consultants work on analyzing, formulating and implementing a variety of policies in the fields of policy, management, employment, management, finance and information technology.

At Capacent, Iceland employs about 50 consultants with extensive experience in most sectors of the industry, and the company seeks specialist solutions and knowledge to leading international partners. These include Microsoft, IBM, Qlik and CEB.