Center for Reliability Excellence
4/F 718 Building Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City Philippines 1552
+632 718-3480

Our goal is to help individuals expand their knowledge and organizations develop their core assets.

Our guiding principles are reflected in the depth and breadth of quality, highly accessible courses and training programs, specifically developed to boost technical competence and heighten managerial expertise.

The use of machinery of all shapes, sizes, brands, and configurations, is the cornerstone of Philippine Industry – the many sectors of which have become dependent on these machines to perform its day to day operations. The maintenance and operation of these machines can be quite a challenge, not only for the people who maintain and keep the machinery running at the front line, but also for people at the management level whose job is to make sure that operation and repair costs remain low while maximizing machinery life and ensuring long-term financial profitability for the company.

The Center for Reliability Excellence (CRE) provides world-class technical training to Filipino professionals in order to address these operational and management goals. As the implementing arm CRE Philippines and its industry-leading partners such as Noria Corporation, International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML), Vibro Technology, Vibration Institute, LAI Reliability Systems and IDCON Incorporated, CRE is responsible for providing focused technical training in Industrial Maintenance and Reliability to Filipino professionals in this industry.