Pharmaceutical Solutions: Pharma Lean Manufacturing & More

At Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc., we focus our pharmaceutical consulting efforts on the implementation of Pharma Lean Manufacturing (PLM) and Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP).

Lean has revolutionized electronics, automotive and other industries, but traditional business consultants often do not understand the unique needs and systems within the pharmaceutical industry that must be addressed for a Lean System to function properly. For example, new lean efficiencies may alter batch sizes; however, simply changing the size of the blend can require new testing and approval. Most consultants are unaware of these unique, industry-specific issues.

There are good reasons more and more pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking to Lean Manufacturing to transform operations, improve systems, lower costs, and boost production quality. Independent studies have shown that 75% of pharmaceutical recalls have been attributed to manufacturing defects. With rejects averaging between 5% and 10%, pharmaceutical companies without Lean Systems lose significant sums of money annually.

Having the right guidance through the process is critical to success as well as adherence to FDA and other regulations that may drive process and behavior changes — that’s where Nexus Global comes in.

Coaching, Training & Consulting for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharma clients frequently turn, and return, to Nexus Global Business Solutions for world-class evaluations of their R&D systems, manufacturing systems, and business processes. Just as important, they trust us to make powerful, effective recommendations for enhancing current systems and processes.

We are recognized experts in Lean Manufacturing, process improvement, and business systems assessments. We routinely assist clients in:

  • Implementing quality by design for successful commercialization
  • Analyzing and managing risk in manufacturing environments
  • Developing requirements for and implementing Lean Practices
  • Assessing and streamlining business processes

To find out how Nexus Global can assist your pharmaceutical production facility with risk management, PLM, GMP and more, contact us today at +1 (855) 488-0068 or by email at

With locations in the U.S., South America, Canada, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Nexus Global is proud to serve pharma clients across the globe.