Reliability Optimization for Asset Management Systems

Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. is proud to specialize in reliability optimization and reliability-centered maintenance, utilizing not only our consultants’ expertise, but our expertise in the EAM systems that support maintenance reliability optimization.

At Nexus Global, we don’t stop at reliability optimization — we optimize the entire reliability value stream process through a holistic approach including the EAM systems and total life cycle of the asset.

Predictive Technologies (PdM) are only as good as the quality of their data interpretation. Asset hierarchy, asset maintenance strategy, preventive maintenance plans, and equipment history are all important factors in determining equipment reliability optimization. EAM is a tool that significantly supports this process.

Benefits of RCM Asset Optimization or RCMaOP

At Nexus Global, we use a proven methodology called RCM asset optimization (RCMaOp) to conduct a review of existing equipment strategies to improve asset reliability and availability. Our program combines Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Review Existing Maintenance (REM) to leverage world class practices and engagement of key stakeholders.

The impact and results of the process are sustainable and quantifiable, and reports are produced to demonstrate the program results.

Below are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive:

  • Through the use of the Nexus Global methodology, there are no additional costs incurred for third party RCM-specific software licenses
  • The outcome will lower the risk of specific failures to your business
  • Improve Preventive/Predictive procedures
  • Identify the “few” activities which will bring the most gain
  • Develop the most value-added maintenance strategy
  • Gain alignment with production on the maintenance strategy
  • Relate equipment failure to a proactive maintenance strategy
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Increase equipment availability and reliability through analysis of each failure mode independently
  • Utilize the experience of maintenance and production employees
  • Through the optimization process, you will see preventative maintenance workloads reduced and the value of the preventative maintenance task more focused on a failure mode
  • A shift from reactive to planned maintenance
  • More defined and operation-specific operating parameters
  • Develops and instills team-based thinking and problem solving

Contact Our Asset Optimization Specialists

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