Nexus Global to Support West Africa’s Largest Container Terminal with Optimized Maintenance Strategies

Nexus Global was engaged by a major Nigerian container terminal to help support maintenance and operations with asset strategies for accelerating work execution productivity and reliability in the most cost-effective manner. As the biggest container terminal in West Africa and the best equipped terminal in Nigeria, the need for efficient work processes and utilizing resources and material efficiently is a top priority.

“The level of detail required in job plans to assure a high-quality repair was lacking and estimates of time and cost were highly inaccurate,” confirms Larry Olson, Nexus Global CEO/President. “Through coaching and mentoring, we can support their maintenance and operations team to improve uptime, provide long term forecasting of cost and resources, and reduce overall operating costs.”

The leading container terminal chose Nexus Global based on their in-depth knowledge of maintenance strategy optimization and ability to provide immediate support through local resources within their global network.

Support in the maintenance and operations work management process will be provided using the Nexus Global proven approach to Asset Performance Management (APM) that connects knowledge and excellence. Coaching and mentoring in world class principals, techniques, and management of maintenance planning and scheduling activities such as; Planning, Scheduling, Outage Management, IFS Software usage, and Maintenance Measures, will ensure accurate resource scheduling and cost estimation.

Olson concludes, “The results from this project will promote efficiency and directly impact the performance levels of the entire maintenance team. This in turn will influence the organization’s capacity, availability, and reliability of their assets and allow management to see the full value of planning & scheduling. We look forward to assisting them on their reliability journey.”

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