FMECA Process Used in Energy Storage Technology Provides End Users with Value Added Maintenance Strategies

Nexus Global was awarded a contract with the largest producer of solar energy storage systems to support the development of Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Maintenance Strategies for the new generation of solar energy storage. Nexus Global was selected amongst all others based on global capability and world-class Asset Performance Management (APM) knowledge and solutions.

The USA-based company is headquartered out of Arlington, VA with various operating locations, such as Germany and Australia. The launch of the new sixth-generation energy storage technology stack is the company’s latest cutting-edge product and brings a new dimension to solar energy storage. By combining factory-built hardware, advanced software, and data-driven intelligence, the new sixth-generation technology will standardize safety features and significantly reduce the time and cost needed to deploy energy storage.

To ensure the product end-users understand the overall lifecycle cost and assurance of the most effective and efficient means to maintain this product, the company enlisted GP Strategies to provide expertise. As so, GP Strategies once again turned to Nexus Global to provide additional support and value through our strategic partnership. As an outcome of this project, the company will provide end-users with a complete profile of maintenance strategies based on criticality and failure mode mitigation. As well as a spares parts list designed to be the most optimized parts list, which in turn leads to the most economical strategy for the client. 

“It’s exciting to be at the forefront of a client’s new product release and to finally work with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that wants to provide the best strategy portfolio to a client. As opposed to a book of OEM recommendations that carry a high cost for the clients to execute and no alignment to failure modes,” explains Nexus Global CEO/President Larry Olson. “I believe the end-users of this product will really appreciate the extra effort this company has put into product care to assure reliability, as well I am positive the warranty claims will be low, which leads to a win/win.”

Nexus Global looks forward to supporting the client’s reliability commitment to their customers and shareholders by making it simpler for end-users to deploy storage faster and more cost-effectively without sacrificing quality and configurability and deliver better energy storage with minimal risks.  

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