Nexus Global Participates in Development of EAM/CMMS Implementation and Utilization Guide

Nexus Global provided guidance in the development of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Technical Guide on Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Implementation and Utilization, which is now broadly available to provide insight for utilities implementing these systems. Nexus Global contributed perspective on multiple EAM systems used in the industry today.

Despite the many improvements and advancements in Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and EAM software, asset-intensive organizations still face fundamental challenges with their respective deployments. EPRI has identified this theme and the market’s need for a best-practice guideline to enable organizations to select an EAM system, prepare for a successful deployment, configure, and optimize their applicable configurations to thereby achieve higher return rates on their EAM investments.

“At Nexus Global, we have seen these challenges in action repeatedly across the ecosystem of the utilities industry and beyond,” states Chuma Chukwurah, Senior Director of APM Solutions at Nexus Global. “Having partnered with our clients, we have come to an understanding of the major pain points, disconnects between the promise and the delivery, and how to reconcile those two states into a final product that serves and drives the objectives of the organizations.”

To complete the project, Nexus Global worked with EPRI, its members, and other industry research organizations. Nexus Global provided guidance on EAM/CMMS Utilization and its dependence on proper implementation of the technical guide to the applicable systems. With the collaborative effort proving successful, the Enterprise Asset Management Technical Guide: Implementation and Utilization was published.

 “We are honored to work with EPRI and its members on developing this technical guide that will enable EPRI members and all asset-intensive organizations in utilities and beyond to avoid fundamental challenges with EAM/CMMS deployments and utilization,” concludes Chuma Chukwurah. “Avoiding these challenges will allow organizations to realize the true value, potential, return on net asset (RoNA) value, return on investment (ROI), and mission-specific return of a proper EAM deployment and utilization towards an Asset Performance Management (APM) Program.”

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Nexus Global helps organizations across the utility ecosystem to identify and define asset data challenges for improving EAM/CMMS data accuracy and asset management decision-making through proper EAM deployment and utilization. To learn more about our utilities experience and capabilities, visit Nexus Global’s projects and case studies.

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