GP Strategies Unveils New Solution Featuring APM Optimizer Suite™

GP Strategies’ new performance improvement solution, featuring Nexus Global APM Optimizer, offers an integrated asset lifecycle solution for improving availability and reliability.

The innovative approach to Asset Performance Management (APM) covers every aspect of the asset; data and technology integration, strategy development, work execution, training, and continuous improvement. As part of the asset data component, APM Optimizer was the preferred choice to ensure the accuracy of asset data in developing the overall strategy and driving it through to work execution.

“APM Optimizer provides organizations with a complete and accurate asset structure and master data to support informed decision making,” stated Larry Olson, CEO/President of Nexus Global. “Data Optimizer™ develops and validates the data build, Strategy Optimizer™ then applies the accurate data for developing detailed maintenance strategies, which are then implemented through Planning Optimizer®. Once combined with an overall APM strategy, this allows you to become a low maintenance cost, high-reliability organization.”

In addition to the Nexus Global management and reliability platform, the new solution also incorporates GP Strategies’ workforce development and asset health monitoring platforms, GPiLEARN™ and EtaPRO®. This full-circle integration will help sharpen digital transformation initiatives and connect the client’s APM strategy with operational growth and success.

“APM is a very hot topic these days, and can support optimized performance, greatly reduced O&M costs, and ensure competitiveness in the market,” confirms Craig Dalziel, APM and Technical Services for GP Strategies. “GP Strategies' approach ensures a focus on the key elements of success: the people, the processes, and the right technologies working together.”

Nexus Global is proud to be a part of the new APM Optimize™ program and looks forward to supporting GP Strategies in providing best-in-class knowledge, service delivery, and innovative software through our strategic partnership.

Learn more about the Nexus Global APM Optimizer Suite and view the GP Strategies APM Optimize press release.