APM Optimizer Suite™ Supports Maximo Implementation at Major Power Gen Co-op

Nexus Global was awarded a data configuration contract for a major power generation producer headquartered in Winchester, Kentucky. Nexus Global was contracted to develop the Data Strategy Standard as well as the configuration and implementation of the organization’s complete asset structure and master data. As well, Nexus Global will develop the complete equipment asset register and asset classifications for all facilities across the site in preparation for a Maximo implementation.

The not-for-profit generation and transmission electric utility cooperative is owned and governed by 16 member-owned electricity distribution co-ops. Its vital mission is to safely generate and transmit affordable, reliable power to these cooperatives that serve more than 1 million Kentuckians.

With experience across asset and maintenance intensive industries worldwide, Nexus Global was the top choice for understanding the business of maintenance and operations within Power Utility. Nexus Global will provide expertise and resources to develop the organization’s Maintenance & Data Management Standard and equipment hierarchy. The project will be supported by the Nexus Global APM Optimizer Suite™ of software; using Data Optimizer™ to develop and validate the data build and Strategy Optimizer™ in the development of maintenance strategies.

"The company is rolling out Maximo throughout the organization and it has been riddled with delays and inconsistencies,” indicates Larry Olson, CEO/President of Nexus Global. “One site in particular is proactive in becoming Maximo ready and will have a smoother rollout and a well-prepared adoption process for the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system of choice."

Nexus Global looks forward to supporting the client’s reliability commitment to their members and by improving the ROI for EAM investments, lowering data ownership costs with organization-wide standardized data structure, and providing Return on Net Assets (RONA) through proper EAM utilization towards an Asset Performance Management (APM) program.

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