Major Power Gen Company to Implement Data Management using APM Optimizer Suite™  

New Mexico’s largest power generation producer awarded Nexus Global with data configuration contract. Through our strategic partners, GP Strategies, Nexus Global was contracted to develop the Data Strategy Standard as well as the configuration and implementation of the organization’s complete asset structure and master data. In addition, Nexus Global will develop the complete equipment asset register and asset classifications for all facilities across New Mexico.

With over half a million customers, reliability is a top priority for the power company. "Maintaining reliability is an ongoing process, and we are constantly investing to ensure that our thousands of miles of transmission and distribution lines, and hundreds of substations are able to continue to provide the electricity our customers rely on,” notes an executive leader. “It all starts by knowing what we have and getting our master data correct."

“Through initial discussions, it was apparent the client’s current EAM system was not delivering as promised,” explains Nexus Global CEO/President Larry Olson. “Rather than the EAM working for them, the team was working for the EAM. They required an immediate turnaround of the situation to make the EAM work as intended. Our recommendation was to develop a data standard for the whole organization.”

Nexus Global was the top choice for understanding the business of maintenance and operations within Power utility. With experience across asset and maintenance intensive industries worldwide, Nexus Global can robustly turnaround business practices to provide the expertise and resources for developing the organization’s Maintenance & Data Management Standard as well as the equipment hierarchy. The project will be supported using the Nexus Global APM Optimizer Suite™ of software; particularly Data Optimizer™ to develop and validate the data build and Strategy Optimizer™ in development of maintenance strategies.

Applying the Nexus Global Asset Performance Management (APM) approach were further discussed and indicated to the company. "Uncertainty of what field assets were being maintained will now be transparent within the client’s EAM and the data structure will be built in accordance to a globally recognized KKS (Identification System for Power Stations) standard," confirmed Larry Olson.

Nexus Global looks forward to supporting the client’s reliability commitment to their customers and shareholders by improving the ROI for EAM investments, lowering data ownership costs with company-wide standardized data structure, and providing return on Net Asset through proper EAM utilization towards an APM program.

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