Strategy Optimizer™ Supports New Zealand's Largest Energy Retailer With Improved PM Program and Reduced Downtime

Nexus Global was engaged by New Zealand’s largest energy retailer to improve the company’s maintenance program and create a value-added reliability strategy for existing assets. As a recognized industry leader, the company generates electricity from a diverse portfolio of thermal and renewable generation assets throughout the country to provide significant operating flexibility. 

Facing inefficient use of systems and resource allocation, poor data management, and inconsistent maintenance across sites; the company was in need of an effective maintenance optimization approach to better identify expected and unacceptable failures and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Upon hearing of the successful implementation of Strategy Optimizer™ in the region’s largest steel producing facility, the company’s Asset Management Leadership team selected Nexus Global as the preferred Asset Performance Management (APM) provider. To support the project, Nexus Global will conduct a pilot study using Strategy Optimizer™ to optimize the PM program of a select group of assets at one of their hydropower generating stations. 

“The pilot study will deliver a weeklong workshop to serve as a result-driven proof of concept with respect to Strategy Optimization,” explains Nexus Global CEO/President Larry Olson. “The methodology will be a blend of the Nexus Global Strategy Optimization Process and the principles of Consequence Driven Maintenance (CDM) to provide the client with a revised maintenance strategy and recommendations for increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reducing unplanned stoppages within the power station.”

The collaborative process will involve a facilitator and client team members to review and recommend optimized and improved ways of managing equipment. As an outcome of the project, the company will provide maintenance and operation teams with a complete profile of maintenance strategies based on criticality and failure mode mitigation. Thus, allowing for the implementation of a unified reliability strategy to improve the PM program and reduce downtime.

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