Top Arab Gateway Port and Transshipment Hub Selects Nexus Global as APM Training Provider

Nexus Global was awarded a long-term training contract to support a major Omani seaboard shipping port as they continue efforts towards achieving world-class operational standards. Operating since November 1998 and recognized globally as a leading transshipment hub, this world-class container facility continues to play a vital role in the economic future of the Sultanate of Oman.

Located on the major East-West Shipping Lane, the multi-purpose port is a top Arab Gulf regional gateway port and transshipment hub to the Arabian Sea offering better transit times than other competing ports in the region.

“The port was experiencing continuous equipment breakdowns which delays ship loading, causing turnaround time to be highly variable,” confirms Larry Olson, Nexus Global Managing Director. “This can potentially lead to lost profits/penalties due to missed loading time agreements. With proper Asset Performance Management (APM) training, we can optimize their current maintenance utilization and execution to improve asset management and maintenance decision-making. As a result, the client will see increased efficiency and faster vessel turnarounds.”

The leading shipping port chose Nexus Global based on their proven track record of delivering asset reliability and maintenance optimization solutions that minimize total cost and maximize operational performance.

The comprehensive program will utilize Nexus Global Asset Performance Management (APM) Training, specifically Maintenance Planning & Scheduling and Asset Reliability, to provide long-term support for both maintenance and operations. Training topics will include; Quality Work Requests, Planning, Scheduling, Outage Management, Maintenance Measures, FMEA, Criticality Assessments, PM Optimization (PMO), and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Olson concludes, “By removing the “fat” from the process and the non-value adding activities, we can concentrate on real value and return. Our training program will equip the maintenance team to accurately identify and mitigate failure modes and create the detailed job plans necessary for quality repairs. The client can expect to see minimized equipment downtime, reduced maintenance repairs cost, and improved asset reliability and availability."

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