Assessing the Journey to Operational Excellence with Business Optimizer™ 

Nexus Global and strategic partner GP Strategies have been awarded a major contract with one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialty minerals for industry headquartered in Paris, France. The multinational company specializes in the production and processing of over 30 different minerals to provide mineral solutions that enhance the properties of their end-use applications and meet customer specifications. In a competitive bid, Nexus Global was the preferred provider to conduct a comprehensive review of one of the largest locations in North America and provide Asset Performance Management (APM) support as it relates to reliability-driven initiatives to achieve operational excellence.

In addition to an impressive track record with multi-national organizations, Nexus Global was also chosen by the company for sharing similar values regarding operational excellence. The French company views operational excellence as operating in a way that is safe, reliable, cost-efficient, and environmentally responsible.

"Varying competencies, processes, and practices within the organization have led to each person working in their own way without a disciplined approach," explains Larry Olson, CEO/President of Nexus Global. "To assure they can meet operational excellence goals, the company has realized it requires people to take pride in what they are doing and have a deeper understanding of the value of processes and systems to deliver intended results."

With a desire to be noted as a best-in-class operation, Nexus Global will support the project using their APM assessment tool, Business Optimizer™, to identify opportunities to further strengthen the company’s portfolio and solidify its status as a leader in the minerals and mining industry. 

 “We come across companies that will always say the right things, but it is a pleasure to work with a company that is willing to walk the talk,” adds Larry Olson. “Our strengths are our many years of experience, we have seen almost everything throughout the years, which makes us a stronger change specialist.”

Nexus Global looks forward to supporting the client’s reliability initiatives and helping the organization to realize and identify the Return on Asset (ROA). Olson concludes, “While organizations want to achieve an ROI, it is our desire not to stop at ROI, but to further demonstrate how to achieve the ROA and the sustainability of the improvements.”

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