Strategy Optimizer™ Supports Steel Finishing Facility with Conducting FMEA and Improving Reliability Efforts

In a competitive bid, Nexus Global was selected to support the world’s most advanced steel finishing facility with improving reliability efforts and creating a value-added reliability strategy against newly developed failure modes for existing assets. With customers in over 160 countries, the company serves as the leading supplier of quality steel products to major markets including automotive, construction, pipe and tube, service center, appliance/HVAC, container, and machinery.

“As one of the largest steelmakers in the world, maintaining an impressive portfolio of steel grades for high-value applications without compromising HSE and quality is a top priority for the company,” states Larry Olson, CEO of Nexus Global. “Facing internal Reliability Engineer resource constraints and a high demand for their products, the company was in need of an effective recourse and a solution to better identify expected and unacceptable failures as well as opportunities for continuous improvement.”

With successful implementations of Strategy Optimizer in other large steel-producing facilities, Nexus Global was the top choice for the company’s Reliability Team Leader. Nexus Global was called upon to provide a proof of concept over a six-week period to demonstrate how effective and efficient it would be to conduct Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), develop tasks to mitigate the failure modes, produce reports, and integrate with the company’s SAP application. For the assignment, Nexus Global would conduct a pilot study using Strategy Optimizer on a select group of assets at one of the company’s locations.

The pilot study was completed on time with intended results and received positive feedback from the team. “This is exactly what we needed, I can see the value of using the software and being able to clone strategies across for like equipment,” confirms the Team Reliability Manager. “Additionally, the Reliability Engineer provided by Nexus Global is top-notch and knows his stuff.”

To mitigate internal resource constraints, manpower support was also provided by Nexus Global. A professional Reliability Engineer was selected to engage with the client team members to review and collaborate on the equipment history and recommend FMEA, defense tasks, and improved ways of managing equipment. As an outcome of the project, the company will provide maintenance and operation teams with a complete profile of master library failure modes and defense tasks that can be replicated across all facilities.

“Through our proof-of-concept theory, we have proven time and time again that Nexus Global and Strategy Optimizer deliver value-added results,” concludes Olson. “The methodology principles behind our process and software solutions provide our clients with results unable to be achieved with other tools on the market.”

Nexus Global was further awarded the work to continue supporting the client for the remainder of the green-field activity, as well as potential inclusion in the expansion project.

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