SAP: Enterprise Asset Management System from Nexus Global

The power of SAP as an EAM solution is in its integrated architecture. With the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, every facet of your business can speak one language without the need for costly software interfaces. Knowing how these business process fit together, where the hand-offs are, and how to prevent the “silo” effect is one of Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc.’s specialties.

Nexus Global has helped its clients gain significant ROI by improving their SAP EAM solution.  With our help, your team will realize the efficiency of a well-implemented SAP ERP system. 

Nexus Global will set you apart from the crowd by infusing practical, real-world experience into your EAM solution — no theory, no guessing. Nexus Global’s team of principal consultants have lived it because we are industry people first, bringing our knowledge and experience to your project. We can evaluate your system against current best practices and set your business on a path of sustainable growth and continuous improvement. 

Change: Every aspect of the word brings Managers to their knees. Can my organization embrace change? Will the transition improve current business processes? In short, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Nexus Global’s “boots on the ground” approach facilitates the change agent. From the boardroom to your production area, Nexus Global will coach your team, shoulder to shoulder, as change is happening. The end result is a business process transformation and cultural acceptance earning maximized ROI for your team.

Be the next benchmark — let Nexus Global Business Solutions show you and your team the way. Contact us today.

Features of SAP

SAP EAM offers Utilization Assessments, Implementation, Upgrades, Training and Coaching for the following modules:

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Quality Management
  • Materials Management
  • Production Planning
  • Project Systems
  • Project Portfolio Management