Improve Operational Performance With Turnaround/Shutdown Management & Consulting Solutions

The TARS-OP program at Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. is a premier Turnaround Management program driving world-class strategic and tactical decisions, which enable organizations to improve turnaround performance.

At Nexus Global, our team of industry Subject Matter Experts, strategic driven methodologies, proprietary implementation framework, and client involvement has proven to be a recipe for success. Because turnaround activity is inherently merged with capital projects, typically, the combination of activities challenges the need to meet planned goals.

Our focus areas include:

  • Organization (Pre-TARS and Execution)
  • Readiness Assurance (Tools and Management)
  • Contractor Management
  • Planning / Preparation
  • Scheduling
  • Materials Management
  • Logistics
  • Safety/Security
  • Scope Challenge
  • Risk Assessing Activity
  • Permitting
  • Productivity
  • Execution Assurance (QA/QC)
  • Close-Out

Minimize Shutdown & Outages: Enroll in Our TARS-OP Program

The TARS-OP proprietary process takes companies beyond a readiness assessment and benchmarking into an implementation framework that delivers benefits-driven savings between 20–35%. 

Nexus Global Business Solutions has successfully delivered quantifiable benefits in sectors including Oil and Gas (E&P and Refining), Petrochemical/Chemical Processing, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Power Generation.

The TARS-OP program is designed with results in mind and a complete understanding of the client’s business dynamics. Main performance improvements are achieved by optimizing:

  • Scope definition process
  • Preparation of work
  • Front end loading processes
  • Control of work process
  • Project integration process
  • Execution logistics
  • Infrastructure
  • Supervision during execution
  • Contractor strategy and agreements

Contact us today for more information about our shutdown/turnaround management solutions and related consulting solutions. Nexus Global teams are proud to serve clients nationwide, with locations in the U.S., Africa, Canada, Asia, South America and the Middle East.