4.5 days of hands-on, highly interactive discussions on the role PMO has within strategy management and asset performance management sustainability. 

Workshop includes Strategy Optimizer (formerly PMO2000®) software solution training.

Planned Maintenance Optimization (PMO)
and Strategy Optimizer Software Training Workshop

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Register at least 4 weeks in advance, and we will work with you to understand your challenges prior to starting the course and tailor the material to meet individual needs.

Date Location Language Country Course Fee
May 7-11, 2018 193 Maidstone St, Altona English Australia


For the past 20 years, Peter has shared his passion for assisting maintenance reliability engineers and practitioners to improve and transform maintenance programs.

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Peter Schurmann

Director of Australia

Workshop Takeaways

Strategy Management Tool

Framework for PMO

Course Material

Course Overview

PM Optimization (PMO) is a process which uses the principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) to rationalize existing maintenance programs, failure history, and other technical documentation. The ultimate intended goal of PMO is to eliminate defects, improve uptime, and positively impact OEE. The PMO Workshop is 4.5 days of hands-on, highly interactive sessions that explore how PMO fits into strategy management and asset performance management sustainability. The program includes Strategy Optimizer (formerly PMO2000®) Software training.

Join us as we take you through an 8 step process to consider when implementing a PMO program. Attendees will discuss a simplified PMO theory in an interactive session which engages people in the streamlined concepts and how to apply those learnings inside the Strategy Optimizer Software.

We will take a closer look at hidden and evident failures, expected and unacceptable (unexpected) failure modes, and the best methods to influence management. We will also introduce the concept of a ‘fault initiator’ and what can be done to control a reliable outcome.

  • Understand data requirements in decision making during PMO
  • Learn how to build a case for change
  • Engage in team thinking for better decision making
  • Understand the concept of no maintenance required
  • Learn the ingredients of a living reliability program

Learning Objectives

This course will be held in a highly interactive workshop format with case studies and real-world examples. The material has been designed using Adult Learning Methodology that believes the ideal ratio for optimum learning and retention is 60% / 40%:

60% - blended combination of discussion, practical exercises, simulations, & case studies

40% - material/slides

Participants will engage in interactive exercises and discussions throughout the course to ensure the material is not only taught, but can also be applied. Limited class size (15 participants) is strictly enforced to enhance individual learning experiences and interaction with the instructor and other participants.

Course Format

Course Outline

At the conclusion of the course, attendees will complete a post-course assessment to ensure the material was presented effectively. 

Post Course Assessment

All attendees will receive a hard copy of the course material and soft copies of manuals and supporting documentation containing examples of forms, tools, etc. to take back for use at their organization.

Course Material

  • Intro to Asset Management and the Reactive Work Circle
  • The process steps of PMO
  • Hands on work assignment using Strategy Optimizer – identify the existing opportunities
  • Preparing for a workshop
  • Selection of a piece of equipment for evaluation
  • Selecting a team
  • Data preparation
  • Completing analysis
  • Coping with missing pieces of data
  • Grouping analysis PM schedule
  • Building inspections for components and equipment
  • Approval / Implementation and management change
  • Setting up a plan to implement – Who should inspect and how to we get them started
  • Develop the case for change (Measures & OEE Gain)
  • Laptop with ability to install a Citrix client
  • Lunches are provided
  • Accommodation and transport not included (Contact Nexus Global for recommendations)

What You Will Need

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Who Should Attend

The PMO Workshop was designed specifically for individuals participating in or aspiring to gain a better upstanding in the value PMO brings to the reliability of equipment and improved cost positioning.

  • Reliability Engineers
  • Maintenance Directors/Managers
  • Lead Technicians & Operators

By Job Title

  • Operation & Maintenance Supervisors
  • Improvement Leaders
  • Financial Controller

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