The Framework for Success

Developing a sustainable Asset Performance Management (APM) Program requires a level of understanding and expertise that only Nexus Global can provide. The APM Sustainability Model was developed through hundreds of engagements where Nexus Global identified the key areas of improvement for the most common business objectives.

It is through these key areas, the 5 APM Sustainability Domains, that Nexus Global can assess the operational performance of your business and define a path to success.

No other provider offers unique APM solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. Let Nexus Global show you how they have helped companies achieve the full benefits of APM.

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Nexus Global APM

Technology will continue to advance and provide invaluable information needed to make decisions; but people will make those decisions.  This is where Nexus Global stands apart, we keep people at the forefront of the equation.


The core of any asset performance management initiative.

Vital to any new initiative is the commitment of the Leadership team to its success. At the core of APM, our Leadership Domain provides elements that support proven change management best practice to help you define communication plans, guiding principles, roles and responsibilities, performance gap analysis, KPIs, and specific training plans.


Zero tolerance for unexpected failures.

All assets, whether new or existing, need a robust asset strategy plan to ensure full capacity utilization. Within Strategy Management, Nexus Global implements proven industry methodologies to develop the best cost effective strategy for mitigating the most common failure modes of your critical assets.


Optimizing efficiency time and time again.

When organizations find themselves in reactive mode and corrective work becomes a rule instead of the exception, a closer look at Work Management practices is needed. From our award winning software to Manpower Services, Nexus Global brings multiple levels of experience and expertise to meet your specific needs.


How well do you know your assets?

In today’s information driven operations, Data Management is rapidly becoming a key domain supported by good proven practices and the reason we embrace standardization using international standards like ISO14224 (fourteen two two four). Asset audits and condition based strategies are essential to the implementation of many asset care and inventory control programs.


A reaction to an incident, or a sustainable improvement process?

When risk and costs are out of control, Investigation Management is key to achieving the full potential of your plant and equipment from failure/investigation occurrence to resolution. In our experience, this is a symptom of dealing with multiple reoccurring failures with low operational impact or with a low probability failure with a high operational impact.