Crafted as an incident management tool, Investigation Optimizer™ allows organizations to investigate and develop corrective actions with immediate notifications to the action party. With unique features unlike any other tool in its class, Investigation Optimizer has the capability to directly relate the incident to an asset and quickly review any mitigations in place against its failure mode.

As the Investigation Management solution within the APM Optimizer Suite™, Investigation Optimizer will quickly put you in control of your asset’s reliability and break the cycle of repeated incidents. You will quickly regain production loss from those nagging stoppages, sporadic, random, or catastrophic failures and see your OEE/Reliability results improve.

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  • I know we did an RCA on that same problem before, but who did it and where is it?
  • If everything is tracked manually, how can we get quantification in forms of monetary value or lost equipment and production time?
  • Operations always keeps their own check sheets & logos, but don't always report minor incidents or daily incidents into any reporting tool. What happens with them, stays with them?
  • How can we know our bad actors if we are busy with so many other things?
  • Sometimes actions don't follow through because there is no tracking or accountability system. How can avoid having the same issue again?
  • How much is downtime costing us?


When using Investigation Optimizer as an end-to-end approach to Investigation Management, organizations can improve their processes and procedures to prevent human error and equipment failure occurrence.

  • Improved OEE/Reliability through elimination of minor stoppages
  • Allows transparency of all incidents (equipment failures, safety & etc.) within an organization against the asset hierarchy
  • Serves as your corporate single source incident management tool
  • Quantifiably documents the investigation process and communicates progress towards resolution
  • Integrates with APM Optimizer Suite powered by Nexus Global
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Investigation Optimizer provides many features and functions to track the implementation and effect of a recommendation to prove the recurring problem has been eliminated or indicate that further actions/analysis must be taken.

Downtime tracking

Equipment downtime is important to track because if the process isn’t running, you aren’t producing any product. Investigation Optimizer data collection includes:

  • Production Run (Product/Start Time/End Time/Expected Output/Expected Change Over)
  • Equipment or Process
  • Machine failure/error code
  • Event duration
  • Shift

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Customizable cause mapping allows you to easily analyze, document, visualize, and communicate/understand the root cause.

Actionable items can be created and assigned during the cause mapping exercise and tracked within the investigation for approval and implementation.

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