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Accurate, reliable asset data is fundamental in making defensible, informed decisions regarding your asset performance management program. Strategic initiatives often stall when confidence is lacking in the data those initiatives rely on. Without the best asset knowledge, decisions concerning critical spares inventory, asset health, and maintenance prioritization are sub-optimal.

Data Optimizer™ is an innovative, easy to use, and robust approach to the critical task of collecting, verifying, and updating asset data. Working seamlessly within the APM Optimizer Suite™ powered by Nexus Global, Data Optimizer builds and audits your asset structure and taxonomy by understanding processes, equipment classes, and human factors.

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  • Do we have proper data collection parameters setup?
  • How can we keep an accurate record of assets to avoid poor inventory management?
  • Can we target maintenance strategies for different asset classes more effectively and efficiently?
  •  Is there a way to collect field data while offline to create labor efficiencies and avoid double entry?
  • What would be the consequences if my critical location and asset records were wrong?


Critical information captured by Data Optimizer provides greater levels of confidence in inventory management and maintenance strategy development initiatives.

  • Fully configurable to capture critical information for any asset without customization
  • Quickly build greenfield hierarchies as well as perform audits on existing assets
  • Location and Asset Data can easily be extracted for use in other systems
  • Online dashboard in the governance module provides management with up to date visibility of audit progress
  • Integrates with APM Optimizer Suite powered by Nexus Global
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With a simple, clear interface, Data Optimizer combines an online, governance module with a mobile ready application to deliver the most efficient tools for gathering, validating, and managing your asset data.

Mobile Walk-down App

The mobile 'walk-down' application provides auditors with offline data collection capability using a windows tablet. Photos and images can be captured 'on the run' to assist in the identification of the assets.

The mobile application contains pre-configured pick lists and default values so collecting data for assets is simple and efficient.


Dashboard simplifies progress activity and quality monitoring. Intuitive navigation allows for quick access to collated data pending approval. Audit pane provides details for creation of scope, behavior, and participants.

Cleansed and audited data can be exported back to an organization's CMMS.

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