Investigation Management
Ready to Act.
Investigation Management
A reaction to an incident, or a sustainable improvement process?

Leaders in asset intensive industries believe there is always room for improvement. Whether the trigger is an incident or near miss, knowledge of chronic issues or high cost areas of operations, Investigation Management plays a significant role.

The methods of Investigation Management range from a simple 5-Whys analysis to a more detailed and complex cause and effect approach. While most reliability engineering groups vary the technique to suit the problem, analyses generally fail due to cumbersome systems. Failure can also occur when Investigation Management knowledge is not passed on to other work sites within the company structure.

It is critical to track the implementation and the effect of a recommendation to prove the recurring problem has been eliminated or to indicate that further actions or analysis must be taken.

Nexus Global’s end-to-end approach to Investigation Management improves processes and procedures to prevent human error and equipment failure occurrence.