Strategy Management

Value Adding.
Cost Effective.
Strategy Management
Zero tolerance for unexpected failures

Think of your assets as the value delivery engine of your business. The most important function of these assets should be to operate as engineered for their intended design life so the business can generate a greater return on capital employed (ROCE). The goal should be to strategically manage your assets for optimum returns regardless of uncontrollable external factors like macroeconomic conditions, monetary policy, or fiscal policy.

Through Strategy Management, Nexus Global accelerates your value delivery engine by implementing a sustainable risk-adjusted approach that results in the most cost-effective operation. Value delivery strategies start by evaluating your current asset strategies, adding historical known facts, and careful validation of all strategy options. Optimization is always the result of applying a methodology that delivers the best strategy for mitigating unwanted performance elements and eliminating non-value tasks.

Nexus Global Strategy Management implementations typically result in a 15%-40% reduction in operational costs with a 5%-10% increase in capacity utilization while maintaining or improving the risk tolerance of the business.